ATLAS is a private security guard agency established in 1992 that is licensed to conduct business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Within these regions, our clients have stated five key advantages that lead them to choose us as their provider of security guard services:

·      Cost effective approach to providing security services;

·      Trained security personnel who present a positive image;

·      Professional appearance, attitude and alertness while on duty;

·      Management’s concern and commitment to respond to the client’s needs;

·      Low turnover rate.


With over 29 years of providing reliable, trustworthy and professional security guard services to an array of clients, Atlas International Security performs a variety of security services. One segment of our services, the patrol sector, includes, but is not limited to mobile patrol, foot patrol, bicycle patrol and, patrols on T-3 Motion Personal Transporters. Within the government sector, Atlas has provided armed Special Police Officers as well as Unarmed Security Guards. Within the private sector, Atlas predominantly provides unarmed Security Guards. Atlas performs in a variety of capacities, including, but not limited to control access, operating electronic and hydraulic vehicle barriers and monitoring magnetometers.