Atlas International Security utilizes the Tracktik Guard Patrol and GPS system to insure that our guards arrive on post at the appointed time. The Tracktik system receives the arrival and departure times of the officers as they clock-in and out. In the event that a guard does not clock in on time, an automatic no show paging alert goes out to the field supervisors notifying them. Our field inspection supervisors are responsible for confirming that guards stay on post and are alert by conducting unannounced site inspections. Also during the evening and midnight hours all guards are required to call in hourly at our 24 hour command post. A supervisor will be immediately dispatched to a site if the guard is non responsive. The guards are also required to make detailed log reports on their assigned smart phones in the Tracktik dashboard to account for their activities (i.e. time of rounds, safety hazards, and other pertinent details) while on post. All guards will make continual rounds per the post instructions scanning position tokens recorded by the Tracktik guard touring system wherever installed. Monthly supervisor evaluations are done on all guards to confirm that the guards are performing their duties per the scope of work and post orders. 

Our main goal in quality control is client satisfaction and excellent customer service and these goals are met by using the following to identify and correct deficiencies in the quality of service before the level of performance becomes unacceptable:
  • Direct contact with clients
  • Periodically performing surprise inspections by field supervisors
  • Continuing to provide in service training in customer service to our entire staff.